The Staff

To Understand is to Teach

The NEARI School has the skills of 45 skilled direct- and support-staff members who work as a team with each other, students, and families. The staff begins and ends each day with a staff meeting, which helps ensure seamless communication and coordination of information. Further, each student has an educational advisor to support his/her individual learning plans.

With a student-to-staff ration of 3:1 in the classroom, staff members are able to promote the NEARI model through developing meaningful connections with each student, modeling self-regulation and self-advocacy, and providing the individual attention required for mastery of the curriculum.

For more information please contact:
Stephen Dion, Educational Administrator, 413-532-1713 ext 25 or
Craig Latham, Ph.D., Executive Director, 413-532-1713 ext 12 or
send cover letter with resume to NEARI, 70 North Summer St., Holyoke, MA 01040

Our Staff includes:
  • Licensed primary and secondary special education teachers with academic content specialties in:
    • English/Language Arts
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Math
    • Physical Education
  • Therapists who do individual, group, and family work and engage daily with students
  • Case managers who are assigned to each family and provide regular contact for parents and others agencies/providers offering services to the students
  • Behavioral interventionists and classroom aides who support classroom instruction, counsel students and coach students to self-regulate
  • A consulting psychologist
  • A consulting psychiatrist
  • On-call nursing
  • A “brain-based” team featuring a reading-and-vision specialist, a kinesiologist, and an expert in assessing learning, communication and stress management styles and the application of brain-based teaching principles to the classroom
  • A transition program staff that carry out comprehensive vocational assessments, model on-the-job skills, mentor students in community job placements, and teach basic academic, life, self-advocacy and communication skills