Excitement from The NEARI School

NEARI just launched a new pilot project with the Lawrence Elementary School in Holyoke to bring its individualized learning and brain-based approaches to their special education students.

Shannon Chabot, NEARI’s kinesiologist who facilitates our brain-based exercise program, and Dr. David Burton, a now-retired Smith School of Social Work Professor and internationally recognized researcher, are collaborating to publish the results of recent research the demonstrates the positive outcomes of NEARI’s brain-based approaches for reading outcomes.

NEARI just launched its first ever “Crowdsourcing” fundraiser. Click here to participate.

NEARI is launching a Farm-based elective for students who need to learn outdoors and are interested in healthy foods and how to grow them. This spring, all students will help us grow seedlings and they will be moved to donated land on a farm in Westhampton.

NEARI has written grants to expand our nutrition program with kitchen equipment and additional staff so we can start offering our own nutritious, healthy meals that support both health and brain functioning!

This month, the NEARI middle and high school students will be taking a field trip to a maple sugaring farm. Great learning and great “eats!”