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As you’re looking at alternatives for your child, there are a variety of resources and information available that can help.

List of Resources Books for Purchase

The Brain Detective:
A Practical Tool for Helping Misunderstood Children and Teens

By Penny Cuninggim and Shannon Chabot
This book provides an easy to use tool that helps assess possible brain-based problems. By looking at a child’s behaviors these tools identify possible neuro-developmental obstacles to communication and learning. Once identified, even the most misunderstood learner can be guided through remedies or provided with appropriate referrals. This booklet explores the brain-based keys to more successful teaching, parenting and treatment outcomes. “This short book provides a remarkable screening tool and strategies that can be easily implemented by any professional to address many of these problems. This belongs on the desk of every teacher and mental health professional.”
— David S. Prescott. Co-Editor of Current Perspectives Series
#9708 (ISBN 978-1-929657-63-6) Paperback, 54 pages

Smoothies For The Brain:
Brain-Based Strategies To Defuse Behavior Problems in the Classroom

By Penny Cuninggim and Shannon Chabot
This ready-reference is perfect for teachers looking for new and different ways to prevent or defuse behavior problems in the classroom. These simple, easy-to-use strategies are grounded in research on the connection between the brain, learning, and behavior. The booklet describes 16 Smoothies, each with a sample scenario that can be used at all school grade levels, with one student or a group, and without disrupting classroom routines. Every brain-based strategy has been used successfully by countless teachers across the country to de-escalate one unhappy child or to shift a whole classroom from negative to positive energy. “Smoothies for the Brain teaches the reader practical, easy to understand, and extremely useful exercises that have been demonstrated to calm yet energize the body and mind.”
— Robert E Longo, Author of Paths to Wellness
#9876 (ISBN 978-1-929657-35-3) Paperback, 48 pages

Try And Make Me!
Power Struggles: A Book of Strategies For Adults Who Live and Work with Angry Kids

By Penny Cuninggim
From its evocative title to the insightful strategies it contains, Try and Make Me! decodes power struggles between adults and the acting-out kids in their care. Who is responsible for power struggles and why do they occur? Why do kids start them and what’s the payoff? Penny Cuninggim has answers and techniques to effectively prevent, respond and defuse power struggles, drawing on over 30 years of experience in residential and day settings. Try and Make Me! is a practical resource for expanding the caregiver’s repertoire of positive
responses and a must-read for parents and foster parents, public and special education teachers, therapists and counselors, child-care and group home staff, guardians ad litem, and case workers. “This gem of a book should be required reading for everyone working in a setting with children. Dr. Cuninggim explains complex psychological dynamics, provides meaningful and recognizable examples and offers a roadmap out of collisions. In this useful book, one can feel the presence of the youngster fighting to be heard, contained, and respected. Quite an achievement.”
—Vicki Levi, MD, Psychiatrist
#9857 (ISBN 978-1-929657-23-0) Paperback, 112 pages