A Place Where All Students Achieve

Parents who are new to the world of private schools that provide special education services in Massachusetts can find the experience to be pretty daunting. There’s a spectrum of options to select from depending on the student’s needs. We understand that the students who come to the NEARI School need a place to fit in and we are committed to helping each student find the best ways to learn, relate, communicate effectively, and make a difference in the world.

To address these goals, NEARI focuses on helping students become skilled at:

  • Achieving success in the classroom (Mastery)
  • Regulating their emotions and behaviors (Self-Regulation)
  • Building meaningful relationships (Relationship Skills)
  • Advocating for themselves (Self-Advocacy)

Throughout the school day, NEARI staff focuses on these four concepts by helping students: improve their ways of relating; learn to speak up for themselves; succeed academically at levels they never thought possible; and manage their emotions and moods effectively. This is accomplished by:

  • Providing a positive, highly structured, safe and nurturing environment for learning
  • Ensuring daily routines, rules, rituals, and rewards that nourish growth and promote full community participation
  • Providing assessment of individual needs that include:
    • Foundational, neuro-developmental, or learning readiness skills for reading, writing, and academic success
    • Sensory needs for attention and energy modulation
    • Learning styles to help make choices for the classroom environment and instructional methods
    • Patterns of communication and stress management to inform treatment planning
    • Basic academic skills in reading, writing, math, and problem solving
  • Offering a resource-rich learning environment that promotes experiential learning, field trips, sensory immersion in lesson content, project-based learning opportunities, and multiple ways to assess what has been achieved
  • Creating customized learning plans for each student that support academic growth, self-regulation, and individual learning styles